Re: Yaesu transit queston #WSJTX_config

Reino Talarmo

Hi Scott,
That short description you gave tells to me that the audio is not going into your transmitter via the connector you are using. It may be that your rig is not configured correctly or the audio path is not connected properly.
Unfortunately you have not answered to the questions asked and it make all advice wild hits only.
This time you tell that you hear the warble tone, which is telling that wsjt-x transmits somewhere. But where are your headphone connected? The bumping the mic clearly indicates that the wsjt-x audio does not reach your transmitter, but only mic is connected to transmit path.
It would help a lot, if your tell us at least:
1. Which transceiver you are using?
2. How your PC and transceiver is connected together for audio?
3. Audio settings of the transceiver, menu setting, if the radio uses those?
4. Windows and wsjt-x audio settings may also help, although audio seems to go somewhere. WSJT-X audio device selection should not be default as that will generate other problems.
Hope this gives some hints how to we try to help you.
73, Reino OH3mA

sorry so late to get back, i can hear the warble when its transmitting thru headphones,, also can hear tune. interface cord is working fine as i can tune and it matches on the computer. I did notice when i bumped the mic when transmitting that the needle does fluctuate, but thats the only time if goes up when transmit. microphone in lower right corner.

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