Re: Calibrating external amp, CW vs FT8 readings #FT8 #TechnicalHelpQuestion

Wes Larson

At the time I started working with FT8 on WSJT-X I was using a Windows 7 note book, Timewave Navigator and an Elecraft K3. I had no power out. After working the audio level settings and figuring out ALC on the K3 I finally got it working that was back in March. I now have all 50 states, 6 Continents, and 54 confirmed countries with a 20 meter Moxon setting on the roof of my garage You will figure it out.

You need the correct inputs on the radio configured, front panel vs back panel audio level settings, The level settings in or on the PC, the level settings in WSJT-X and your Computer radio interface ( if your using one) and the radio. I know that multi staging of audio setting can be a little frustrating. the output of one audio point should never over drive the input to the next. This should lead to the ALC on your radio, it should be set so that it is on the verge of turning on but it should never actually turn on. On my K3 this done by adjusting the audio level at the input to my radio. either by adjusting the radios audio input or / and the Timewave Navigators output, called RF OUT. This is what worked for me.


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