Re: Yaesu transit queston #WSJTX_config

Scott Anderson

sorry so late to get back, i can hear the warble when its transmitting thru
headphones,, also can hear tune. interface cord is working fine as i can
tune and it matches on the computer. I did notice when i bumped the mic
when transmitting that the needle does fluctuate, but thats the only time
if goes up when transmit. microphone in lower right corner.

thanks for your help


On Fri, Aug 5, 2022 at 4:16 AM w4lde <W4LDE.Ron@...> wrote:


There’s still a few questions we need to help, what power out are you
How are you keying? Are you running in USB? What interface between the
rig and the laptop? What rig? Are you using a time sync program and
finally are you copying decoded text?
I guess it’s a time sync issue or your in LSB!
Help us help you with some more info. Welcome to digital, you’ll have fun.
73 de Ron W4LDE


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