Carl Jón Denbow

When I say “CQ POTA” I’m just announcing that I’m at a park and seeking stations to call me. Sometimes, if the going is slow, I’ll add “You don’t have to be participating in the POTA program. Any station, anywhere, please call N8VZ now.” — 73 de Carl N8VZ
Carl Jón Denbow, N8VZ
17 Coventry Lane
Athens, Ohio 45701-3718


IRLP 4533 Echolink 116070

POTA on SSB and digital modes

On Aug 5, 2022, at 4:15 PM, Darl DEEDS <na8w@...> wrote:


Why in the world would you take that as a put down. I merely tried to send him where all the answers to the questions are. AND I included the web site. How would I know that he has looked at their web site and still don’t understand it. Get a life and enjoy the hobby instead of dictating negatives!

Darl NA8W

From: Gwen<mailto:gsw2@...>
Sent: Friday, August 5, 2022 15:33
Subject: Re: [WSJTX] CQ POTA DE AB1CDE #NewUser

" ...

Please go to their web site and learn about about Parks on the Air.

That sounds like a put-down / diss.

The OP asked a reasonable question and should not be denegrated for
asking it.

I, too, had wondered about that --- whether the inclusion of "POTA"
meant ( Don't bother me if you aren't also a POTA station ). It is a
reasonable assumption based on other amendment protocols (such as "DX")

Might be better if the protocol specified something like: " CQ W1AW
POTA" instead of " CQ POTA W1AW " ---- the former being far LESS
confusing to Noobs.



On 8/5/22 09:52, Darl DEEDS wrote:
Please go to their web site and learn about about Parks on the Air.


From: Chuck Gelm<mailto:nc8q-aredn@...>
Sent: Friday, August 5, 2022 11:43
Subject: Re: [WSJTX] CQ POTA DE AB1CDE #NewUser

On 8/5/22 10:13, Robert Bower wrote:
No, it means they are at a park doing a POTA activation. They need
ten contacts for a successful activation so I also try to respond.

On 2022-08-05 06:54, Chuck Gelm wrote:
Does 'CQ POTA' mean "I only want stations at a park to reply"?

73, Chuck

Do they need 10 other POTA stations or any 10 stations?

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