Re: Ic-706 ptt not working #WSJTX_config


OK, you said you have no output on the 40m band, what about the other bands?

What OS are you running? I skimmed through all the posts but I didn't see that.

I see you said you worked one contact on 20M, that suggests a proper configuration but it is possible you're not on USB on 40M.

I have a 706MKIIG, I do know that the 706 doesn't care what mode you're in, it'll transmit whatever you put to it on whatever mode you want unlike me 857 which requires being in a digital mode to take it from the rear input.
As such when I work anything via voice I have to disconnect my DataLink to get rid of my attenuated audio. Keeping it plugged in attenuates my voice.

Did you turn the 706 off, hold LOCK then turn the radio on and confirm your com data rate on option 35?
Also confirm your CI-V address on 34. Default is 58H
Because of the CI-V address I have to use FLRig to control my radio as most applications do not support the CI-V applications, at least from what I've found.

Basically my setup is this...
Option 34 - 58H
Option 35 - 19200


If you were able to get a signal through on 20M then you should on all the other bands as well.

I would (if you can) plug into a dummy load, have your power set to low and make sure there is a meter between your dummy load and your radio so you can see if a signal is being generated.
While on USB or LSB your needle won't swing unless there is audio being sent.
You could even set your RF Power (Q1) 2 or so if the dummy load can handle it to see the needle swing more.

Hopefully this is helpful.

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