Re: Ic-706 ptt not working #WSJTX_config

Karl Beckman WA8NVW - NNV5BH

Tim's note about Menu 29 DEFINITELY applies when operating FTx modes using WSJT. That is the internal software switch that changes the transmit input pin on either the 13 pin DIN or 6 pin mini-DIN connector between analog audio tones(1200) and digital FSK voltage (9600). Also remember that WSJT will only work with the radio set to Upper SideBand, not FM! You can set the IC706 radio to FM so you can listen on a portable or mobile and verify that you do have audio, but nobody else listening on 2M FM should be answering you.
HISTORY TIME: Back in the 1980s when the IC706 radio was being designed, high-speed digital packet networks used 9600 baud DFM on 2M or UHF. It was similar to how some hams still send RTTY signals using FSK DC voltage levels into the radio instead of analog AFSK tones.
Karl  WA8NVW  OH

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