Locked Re: #IssueReport #Linux - Bad font on Freq Cal popup in 2.6.0 rc2 (although I saw this is 2.5.4 as well). #IssueReport #linux

Tim Dawson

I don't really do mainline distros - they tend to be too downrev, and most of the management tools stink (and all the key stuff is the same on all of then anyhow). I basically started with Slackware 14.2 and maintain via source compiles . . . And yes, settting the system fixed font to an actual alpha (and not symbol) font resolved this . . . I just noted that this has to be done at the systemmlevel - WSJT-X itself cannot set this font, despite using it.

On August 4, 2022 9:35:00 AM CDT, "Michael Black via groups.io" <mdblack98@...> wrote:
What linux version are you running?
My Courier on Ubuntu 21.04 has Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Regular
I take it the problem is fixed with another font?
Mike W9MDB

On Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 01:32:35 AM CDT, Tim Dawson <tadawson@...> wrote:

Followup on the font issue reported at the end of my last . . .

I can go between the types of the initially selected font (Sans Serif)
and I get the choices of "Normal", "Italic" and "Oblique" without issue,
but if I go to Courier (which has no "Normal") and get "Bold", then when
I go back to Sans Serif/Normal, the Bold tag is stuck from the other
font.  Not a huge problem, and not sure if WSJT-X is handling this, or a
library, but it's definitely a real (albeit minor) issue found in
2.6.0-rc2 (not sure about prior - never had a reason to change fonts . .
. ).

Manual edits have be back to normal, so might just throw this on the bug
list . . .

- Tim

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