Locked Re: Ic-706 ptt not working #WSJTX_config

Michael Black

How is your SignaLink wired for the IC-706?  Did you get a already-built plugin or wire it youself?
PTT Transmit indicates the SignaLink is getting audio.  Lack of power in the rig indicates audio not getting to the plug on the IC-706 so wiring is suspect.
Mike W9MDB

On Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 02:31:26 AM CDT, Scott Noack <snoack321@...> wrote:

Yes I use USB to CI-V and I’m able to change modes / bands via WSJTX. I
also use SignaLink with SLCAB131 and receive just fine.

I moved SignaLink to different port, made sure laptop is using default
sound card and only WSJTX uses SignaLink bus.

PTT now triggers transmit on IC706. However I get no output power. If I
disconnect usb/CIV and put rig in FM and hit mic I’m 100w swr 1.2.

So I still have some config issue where even though WSJTX in in tx mode,
rig in Tx mode power is 0 watts.

PS I use same laptop with xiegu g90 and another SignaLink device and don’t
have this issue so not laptop or WAJTX software (I’m running v2.5.4).

Starbucks gift card to first person to help solve why tx under wsjtx
control is zero watts?!?


Scott / KN6UTO

On Wed, Aug 3, 2022 at 7:31 PM Joe Subich, W4TV <lists@...> wrote:

Signalink is a USB soundcard - it has not CAT capability.
You will need a separate USB to CI-V cable or USB to serial
cable with the Icom CT-17 CI-V converter for CAT.

That said, the IC-706 does not have the capability of switching
between TX/RX by CAT/CI-V Command.  You will need to turn on the
PTT function in your SignaLink and set WSJTX for VOX.  See the
SignaLink documentation.


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 2022-08-03 8:57 PM, snoack321@... wrote:
I have IC706 original connected via SignaLink and programming cable and
can receive just fine on 20M/FT8. I can use mic in FM to transit 100w/swr

However in wsjtx ptt doesn’t work and I can’t transmit. What setup on
rig or wsjtx is wrong?  See pics.

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