locked Re: Ic-706 ptt not working #WSJTX_config

Don Roden

Make sure the jumpers in the SignaLink are correct for a 706

Make sure the Signalink ptt connector to the 706 is on the correct pin.

When you transmit, does the SignaLink ptt led turn on ? If not, increase audio levels from the computer and turn up the transmit level to 12 oclock on the front of the SignaLink. The SignaLink ptt led must turn on before it can send ptt to the 706. W4DNR

On 2022-08-03 8:57 pm, Mike Chace-Ortiz wrote:

Hello OM
I'm guessing it doesn't change frequency when you select a different band in WSJT-X?
SignaLink doesn't provide CAT control, only audio, hence no PTT.

On Aug 3, 2022, at 8:57 PM, snoack321@... wrote:
I have IC706 original connected via SignaLink and programming cable and can receive just fine on 20M/FT8. I can use mic in FM to transit 100w/swr 1.2.
However in wsjtx ptt doesn't work and I can't transmit. What setup on rig or wsjtx is wrong? See pics.

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