Locked stopped decoding #decode

Sheldon Apsell

My rig is a Kenwood 590SG and a Dell Optiplex computer running WSTJ-X version 2.5.4 under Windows 10 and 11. When I first got the computer it was set up with Windows 11, but I could not get it to decode FT8 even though I could see and hear signals. After several frustrating months trying everything I could think of, I decided to uninstall Windows 11 and install Windows 10. Amazingly, as soon as I ran WSJT-X with Windows 10, the waterfall display came alive and decodes came every cycle. I was in DX heaven. Everything worked perfectly for several months and then I became involved with one of my other hobbies and did not operate the rig for about a month. With the recent spate of hot weather, I decided to stay in my air-conditioned condo and get back on the air. To my surprise, even though nothing had changed the computer once again would not decode FT8 signals. However, I did notice that if I left the transceiver and computer running for extended periods of time it would occasionally decode one block and then stop. I thought that this was probably a timing issue. I had been running the Atomic Clock app set up to resync every 5 minutes and Time.is was indicating the system clock was ahead or behind by 0.5 seconds or less. Nevertheless, I decided to try Dimension 4 and then Meinberg but that did not solve the problem. I also checked all the menu settings on the 590SG (which fortunately I had recorded when everything was working), but could find no discrepancies. I also checked that I was using USB and that the AGC was off. The com port appears to be working properly. I saw in a previous note that the Windows Enhanced Audio could cause problems, so I made sure that it was disabled. I also notice that when I first run WSJT-X I see a lot of signal activity in the display under the waterfall and then I see just noise and then it becomes a flat line. Also, the decode button flashes every 15 seconds or so but I see no decodes. I suspect that these are important clues but I do not know how to interpret them.

I am at a loss as to what to try next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sheldon Apsell


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