Locked Re: v2.1.0 soundcard selection problems #WSJTX_config #AudioIssues

Bill Somerville

On 18/07/2019 16:54, Peter Dougherty wrote:

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Hi all,

Got a serious problem here with the 64 bit version of v2.1.0.

After upgrading from version 2.0.1 everything appeared to be normal. I could send and receive (after correcting levels), DX Lab Commander CAT control to my K3s is fine, etc. Once I restart the program (and occasionally this happens after QSY) there is no transmit from the program. The radio goes in to transmit, but there is no RF output. 

Upon investigation I found that the tones are being sent to whatever is lowest in the list of playback devices set in Windows. I have two active audio outputs, the K3s USB connection and the speakers. I also have oodles of S/PDIF and other outputs that I have never and will never use. Whichever one is active and "further down" on the list will be the one that the tones play through. I have disabled the oddballs that I don't use, so now only two are active: the speakers and the K3s, with the K3s being on top in the list of sound devices. So when this problem manifests itself now I hear the tones playing back through the computer speakers. Windows sounds are correctly playing through the speakers and aren't getting sent out to the K3s, so I suspect this is a WSJT-X 2.1.0 issue and not a Windows problem. 

HOWEVER, WSJT-X still shows the K3 connection as the active transmit card.

I'm stumped here. If I go back to v2.0.1 everything's fine. Re-update to 2.1.0 and it seems fine...until it's not. I have tried both the 32- and 64-bit versions and it does the same thing.

Any thoughts? Please-n-thanx.

Edited to add that this is happening under Windows 10 with the new 1903 update, which completely mangled to sound mixer interface, which may or may not be contributing to this.

Hi Peter,

I know this seems a glib and unthought out response, but your issue could be due to RFI. The mechanism is that a USB audio connection may get interrupted by RFI and when that happens the operating system responds by "un-plugging" the device and dropping the device driver connections. When that happens it is possible for audio streams to be re-routed to other devices (I would guess the default device), WSJT-X would be unaware of this and will continue in ignorance.

The ultimate test is to try and reproduce the issue with minimum power, preferably into a dummy load or a different aerial with a good match. Other indications are that the problem does not happen on all bands.

The convenience of USB connections that automatically hook up drivers (a.k.a. hot-plugging) is not a "Free lunch" and there are some down sides.


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