Locked F/H quick switch in v.2.6.0-rc1 - please modify #mainscreen

WB5JJJ - George

I love the idea of the F/H quick switch button on the main screen. It is actually seldom needed if you are chasing a DXPedition, one usually stays in Hound until you can finally make the contact. Occasionally, you might want to drop back to FT8, but there is a button for that already, just not the quick return the F/H button allows. BUT .....

My suggestion is to make the F/H switch button a bit more global by activating or deactivating ANY Special Operation Activity selected. Such as this weekend and the CQ WW VHF Contest.

Many folks are not using the NA VHF contest mode (or don't know about it) and send CQ TEST xxxxx xxxx, but they have only edited the TX6 dialog box and not actually running NA VHF. This becomes readily apparent when they respond with a signal report, which is not used in the NA VHF contest mode. So, a quick click would disable the selected Special Operation mode to complete the contact and a second click will return you to the pre-selected contest mode. This would work for ANY contest mode selected, including F/H to FT8, which would be so much more useful for everybody.
George - WB5JJJ
Hamshack Holine #4969
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