locked Cancel button in logger retains focus, resulting in inadvertent cancellation of subsequent log entries #logging #EnhancementReqest

Randy, WS4C

I discovered an irritating program behavior that I did not see discussed as I browsed the #logging topics.

I usually log QSOs at the first opportunity; when I've sent 73, then as far as I'm concerned the QSO is good. My usual method of accepting the log entry is to press Enter rather than clicking OK. So far, so good.

If the other station needs me to repeat my 73 message, though, then the software presents the QSO for logging again, which I dismiss by clicking Cancel. The problem I discovered (to my consternation, as it has resulted in significant gaps in my log that I must now fill by searching back through my all.txt file) is that when WSJT presents the dialog to log the next QSO, the focus is now on the Cancel button, so that pressing Enter cancels the log entry rather than accepting it.

I can see no reason why the Cancel button should retain focus. Can this behavior be changed so that Enter in the logger dialog always executes as the OK button?

A second, related enhancement would be a feature that would eliminate the opportunities to log the QSO upon second and subsequent sendings of the 73 message that triggers logging. What would people think of functionality, perhaps with a settings option to enable it, that would skip the logging opportunity if the QSO to be logged matches the most recent log entry with a time difference of no more than, say, a minute or two?

If this topic has been discussed elsewhere, I'd appreciate a pointer to where I can find it. I think there are some workarounds that I could adopt to minimize this problem (no need for others to take trouble to suggest unless doing so just makes you feel better), but eliminating the problem so that workarounds become unnecessary seems to me to be the best fix.


Randy, WS4C

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