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I'm running v2.5.4 on my iMac running macOS Monterey 12.4...

I popped open WSJT-X after a few weeks and noticed that each decode
appeared about 3 seconds after the new cycle started. And I was not getting
any decodes...

*How to fix:*

Go to System Preferences -> Date & Time -> Unlock the Pref if needed

In the "Set time and date automatically" dropdown, which you should have
checked, change what's listed there (by default it's set to: *Apple
(time.apple.com <http://time.apple.com>)* ) to any NTP server. You can find
US servers listed at https://tf.nist.gov/tf-cgi/servers.cgi so you can copy
& paste server addresses right into that NTP server field in the Date &
Time pref pane.


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