Locked Re: No output from sound card #Icom #Windows10

Kurt Rieger K2NNJ

Agree, a 991-a is totally different from 7300. The 991-a was working perfectly since May, all functions!. My shack space was getting moor crowed and needed work. I purchased a new ic7300 and before unboxing the new rig i rebuilt and enlarged my desk. I dismantled the equipment, installed the new furniture and reassembled the station. Tested the equipment and had no problems with non digital operation. Went to operate wsjt and noted no output but it was in transmit. I moved the Mic and saw power out. The Mic was active, not the rear input. I rechecked and everything appears correct. Spent several hours troubleshooting but found nothing.
Turing to the ic7300, I down loaded the driver and set that up. The cat and ptt worked correctly and received and decoded. Went to tune and had no output. Almost immediately check the Mic and found that it was active. Two different rigs same problem.

Once again, appreciate abt help

Kurt. K2NNJ

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