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Phil Cooper

Hi Ellis,

The simplest way is to uncheck the Call 1st box. You can then choose who to respond to.
There is plenty of time to do this, and is what I use when I want to work DX, but get called by all and sundry.

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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Hi All,

It is about stopping "Call 1st" responding to stations that you don;t want
to respond to. If you call CQ DX and the guy down the road responds,
capturing the QSO and preventing you responding to a DX station you may
want to block them.

Similarly, if there is a country who have suspended all licences like
Ukraine did earlier this year. Or there is a known pirate who keeps

73 de Ellis G7SAI

On Fri, 15 Jul 2022 at 14:52, Bob Turner <n2scj-lists@...> wrote:

Not sure if WSJTx has a "worked before" highlighting. If it does, I don't
use it. However, it does have highlighting for "needed entities". By
properly setting up the "needed entries" color coding, you can tell the
"worked before" by the lack of highlighting.

WSJTx keeps its wsjtx_log.adi file in the log directory found on the file

Based upon what I've observed over the past few years, I'm fairly certain
the WSJTx developers have no interest in providing functionality other than
digging a signal out of the noise. I doubt they will incorporate GT (or JT
Alert) into WSJTx. It's also doubtful they will build in a real logbook as
many others exist for that purpose.

7 3 Bob

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Two items, I don't want a "filter out" for any station I decode regardless
of band, grid, country, or callsign etc. However I would like a 'color'
specific to that station I have worked before and it is captured within
WSJT. Doesn't WSJTkeeps a running log of the stations worked and logged
within WJST? I would think that a cross reference check is already done at
some 'basic' level and then color coded.

And to that thought, when working contests that do not require a GRID
report, or stations configured to include the "R" before the RR73 etc,
could not WSJT using the existing log search for that messing GRID?
The same for if you are tail ending to call that station?

I am aware of GRID tracker etc, but that seems to be JUST ANOTHER SOFTWARE
application that could be easily incorporated into WSJT?


On Fri, Jul 15, 2022 at 4:40 AM Bob G8HGN <g8hgn73@...> wrote:


Whilst it is nice to be able to filter your incoming traffic, spare a
thought for those who are in "unwanted" grids/dxcc/whatever. Remember
you all started out as newcomers to the bands and if there had been
this level of filtering, you'd have never got your DXCC or other
awards, because you would have been "filtered" out.

I use GridTracker, but leave it set to New calls/unconfirmed. At least
that lets someone I've not worked before get through. I've seen
openings on 6M to the States where I've got dozens of flags in PSK,
but not one reply to a CQ. I'm in a "common" G grid and expect most
have worked it before, So it's filtered out. But I may need your grid,
but can't get it because you won't see me.

73 Bob G8HGN JO01FO

73, Ed


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