locked Re: Is anyone developing a comprehensive "best practices" document for FT8 etiquette? #QSO_practices

Jim Brown

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the reminder of our QSOs. I've always preferred CW by a wide margin, but FT8 as a weapon against the massive intrusion of RF noise has changed ham radio for many of us. K1JT's modes allow me to work stations with strong RX noise, and in places where population density is low, and/or where rigging decent antennas is limited by conditions.

As to robots -- I don't really care, except to the extent that they exist, they increase the QRM level. And I suspect that level of their existence may be wildly exaggerated by those having religious opposition to the mode.

73, Jim

On 7/11/2022 10:42 AM, Randy@... wrote:
Hi, Jim, we've worked a time or two. I remember your patiently working to complete a CW QSO with me on 30m back in 2006 (I think) when I was on a campout with my son and a nephew. I BARELY heard your signal in the noise around sunrise here, so it was really the wee hours for you. The three of us were trying to see how many states we could work on that campout, and you patiently repeated your QTH several times for me. Don't ask me why I've remembered you and your callsign all this time, but part of it is that I've heard you in the pileups now and then in the meanwhile.
Anyway, my general mode for working DX has been just as you describe, except without the kilowatt. What I've found on FT8, unlike CW, is that when I call CQ, I get loads of calls. I don't know exactly why this is: is it my rare prefix? Is there an ethos among FT8 ops that they like to work as many different stations as possible? Am I just being called by robots that will call anybody and everybody indiscriminately? The fact that my CQs get answered makes me think that these QSOs are desired on the other end, and so I feel like I'm helping other people by offering more QSOs than my more typical mode of hunt-and-pounce DXing. If I knew that most of these QSOs actually had little or no value to the other station, then I would happily return to my typical operating mode for FT8, too.
I will say, though, that it has been fun to call CQ successfully. My little-pistol signal on CW hardly ever raises any response, and that was the case even before FT8 "took over" the bands as it has.

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