Locked Re: No decode on 40m, Band Activity blank #FT8

Kevin k5vp

7.077 is where JT65 is or was.

FT8 on 40m is on 7.074. Look there for FT8.

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*Kevin Potter *

On Wed, Jul 13, 2022 at 1:42 AM KG2RG <justinandyazny@...> wrote:

New to digital, but I’m having an issue on 40m only. There is a lot of
signals on 7.077 on the waterfalls but nothing is decoding into the band
activity box. Transmit also works fine.

This issue is only on 40m. I have made many contacts and the band activity
fills up fast with station traffic. Crazy thing is that 40m is my
strongest band with a quality ant. I’ve checked all of the filters and I’m
listening 3K wide.

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