Locked Re: Is anyone developing a comprehensive "best practices" document for FT8 etiquette? #QSO_practices

Randy, WS4C

On Tue, Jul 12, 2022 at 10:02 PM, <careyfisher@...> wrote:

I think he meant this definition of moot:
*having little or no practical relevance, typically because the subject is
too uncertain to allow a decision.*
*"the whole matter is becoming increasingly moot"*
No, on second glance, this actually doesn't quite nail it, because my statement didn't involve the idea of the matter being to uncertain to allow a decision. The first part, "having little or no practical relevance" is that part that elicited my response of "You nailed it." The other, since it is qualified by "typically," doesn't rule out my usage, but it doesn't fit it, either, so the suitability of this sense for what I meant is not as exact as I first indicated.

I think my usage probably was a little weak, though I'm sure it's quite common. I was impressed while reading the Stack Exchange discussion linked in my previous post that "moot" in the sense I was attempting to use it is particularly applicable to matters where the irrelevance is due to a change in circumstances. I'm sure that many are using it more broadly than that (so the word's meaning is continuing to morph in actual usage) but those broader uses would probably better be expressed by a word like "irrelevant."

Randy, WS4C

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