locked Re: Downloaded 2.0.1 64-bit and now WSJT-X doesn't work

Dick- K9OM

Hello Bill,

Thank You for the reply.  Sure enough, Version 2.1.0 forgot that I was using a K3.  Worse yet, it assigned a new radio to my Configuration, the ADT-200A.  Amazingly, v2.1.0 remembered all the other K3's config. settings from v2.0.1 which why I assumed, though wrongly, that it still listed "K3" as my radio. 

Thanks again for your help, I'm very happy to have v2.1.0 64-bit working!  Thank You also to Frank- W3LPL who told me after he installed v2.1.0 that it "forgot" he had been using a K3.

Dick- K9OM     

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