locked Re: Hamlib testing #hamlib

Michael Black

Could you please test/verify Rig Split works too?
Mike W9MDB

On Monday, July 11, 2022 at 09:03:46 AM CDT, Martin G0HDB <marting0hdb@...> wrote:

On Thu, Jul  7, 2022 at 02:51 PM, Michael Black wrote:

I need everyone to test the latest Hamlib please!!

All known rig bugs have been fixed.
Testing in Rig Split and Fake It would be appreciated as well as rigctld
Successes/Failures please report.
Hi Mike (and all), I'm running WSJT-X v2.5.4 on a PC with 64-bit Win10 (fully up-to-date); my rig is an IC-7610 with CAT via CI-V over USB.  I use 'Fake It' for WSJT-X's split mode.

Last night (10th July) I downloaded the most recent 64-bit version of libhamlib-4.dll and replaced the previous version, and thus far everything seems to be working as expected and as before - I haven't observed any issues or new 'features' with the latest Hamlib.

Martin G0HDB

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