locked SO2R EW Crashing #logging

Dennis W1UE


I came across a problem using 2.6.0. In an SO2R Environment, one of the
EWs will crash. Everything will be going fine, then all of a sudden
one of the EWs will crash with an error message. I can be mousing
something, or the mouse will be totally still, and the EW will crash.
When it crashes, it produces an error message:

"Something unexpected caused WSJT to close the Radio TCP port
Please try restarting WSJT again. If that does not work restart N1MM."

Starting WSJT again does not restore operation. Once this happens, going
into Task Manager and killing the orphan JT9 also doesn't work. The only
I've found to get WSJT to work again is to restart the computer.

Is this a known problem? I've seen a couple of other references to this in
other postings. I can submit the files if you would like to see this
or if its been addressed in the Hamlib you're sending out
now I can test it there.

Thank you for your work!

Dennis W1UE

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