Locked WSJT-X quits sequencing intermittently #decode

Chuck Moore

A few weeks back I install WSJT-X v2.6.0-rc1 6744bc following
a drive failure. In a few days I noticed an intermittent failure to
perform. Initially I attributed the failure to propagation issues
but in the last few days noticed that ops responding to my calls
were not triggering the sequence to the next response.

As an example, I respond to W1AAA's CQ, He responds to my
call to him, as can be observed on the screen showing,

"<WD4HXG/4> W1AAA -6

Normally my response will be:

"W1AAA <WD4HXG/4> R -3"

but instead my system continues to send my initial call to
"<WD4HXG/4> W1AAA -6

as though he has not replied.

This is not unique to one call. When I observe this, the only
effective fix is to shut down and reboot the machine.


Chuck WD4HXG

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