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On Sunday, July 3, 2022 at 04:40:53 PM PDT, Gilbert Baron <w0mn00@...> wrote:

I think you do not want to set those being used for the radio as default device because Windows sounds is the correct user of default device and any Windows sounds will go to your radio. Not a good thing.
*** Gil:  that's why the first setting that I listed below is to set "Sound Scheme" in Windows 10 to "No Sounds".
73,  Ed  AJ6V

 USB CODEC is correct but do not set it as default device.

That is how I use my TS590SG with no problems for a number of programs .

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    On Sunday, July 3, 2022 at 03:53:59 PM PDT, Roger Singer - KG7NTP <kg7ntp@...> wrote: 

Audio input recognizing radio by showing IC-7300 (USB Audio CODEC) Audio output only gives me two options in the drop box ;1.  IC-7300 (Realtek High Definition Audio),  2. Speakers ( USB Audio CODEC).
I have downloaded and installed the most current version of the ICOM drivers as per instructions from a you tube video (K0PIR) I'm running Windows 10
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Roger KG7NTP

Roger:  It's notoriously tricky to get the IC-7300 to work with WSJT-X.  Here are the settings I have learned to use, after much trial and error.  Note that I use the N1MM+ logger with this setup also.  I use my IC-7300 just on 6 meters.  Hope this helps!    73, Ed AJ6V


June 26, 2022

              Windows10 Sound Settings

              Set“Sound Scheme” to “No Sounds”, by right-clicking on the sound icon in the lowerright of the main screen and going to “Sound”, then “Sounds”.

In the main Sound Settings panel,set output sound to “USB Audio Codec”; and input sound to “USB AudioCodec”.  This means I’m using the soundcard in the IC-7300.

“Master volume” can be anything.

              In theSound Control Panel, the following should be true:

              In thePlayback tab, “speakers” should be the default device and “Line” should be thedefault communications device .  Under“Speakers”, “Properties”, “Advanced”, the Default Format should be “16 bit,48000 Hz (DVD Quality)” (or 24 bit in my HP Pavilion host computer).

              In theRecording tab, “Microphone (MKIII)” should be the default device.  Under “Microphone (MKIII)”, “Properties”,“Advanced”, the Default Format should be “1 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVDQuality)”.


              Turn offthe speech processor and AGC.  Setbandwidth to 3 KHz or so.

              Set“mode” to “USB-D” and keep it there!  Therig jumps into “USB” every time N1MM+ starts up.

              In Menu,Set, Connectors:

              DATA OFFMOD = MIC, ACC

              DATA MOD= USB

              USBSerial Function = CI-V

              ACC/USBIF Output:  50%

              USB MODLevel:  40%

              In Menu,Set, Connectors, CI-V:

              CI-V BAUDRATE = AUTO

              CI-VAddress = 94h

              CI-VTransceive = OFF

              CI-V USBPORT = UNLINK from REMOTE

              CI-V USBBAUD Rate = 115,200 for standalone, but AUTO-BAUD for N1MM+ mode

              CI-V USBEcho Back = ON

              N1MM+Configuration Menu

              In theHardware tab, set “COM3” to IC-7300, and for the subtab “set”, use:  speed 4800 (in N1MM+ mode to match DXCommander, but in standalone WSJT-X mode set speed to 115,200), N, 8, 1, DTRand RTS always off, PTT delay 10 msec, put check mark before “PTT viaRadio Command Digital Mode”, and no footswitch.

              In theDigital Modes tab, set D1 and D2 MMTTY to “AFSK”.

              In theMode Control tab, set “DIGI” to “USB”.


              In File,Settings, Audio, Soundcard, set “Input” to “Microphone (USB Audio Codec)” and“Output” to “Speakers (USB Audio Codec)”.

In File, Settings, Radio:

“Rig” should be set to “IcomIC-7300” in standalone mode, but “Rig” should be set to “DX Lab SuiteCommander” in N1MM+ mode.

Poll interval of 1 second works.

Com port should be set to COM3(same as in Windows 10 Device Manager).

Baud rate:  115,200 in standalone mode, but 4,800 inN1MM+ mode.

8 data bits, stop bits = default,no handshake.

PTT method:  CAT

Mode = Data/Pkt in standalone mode,but USB when in N1MM+ mode.

Split operation = Fake It.


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