locked Rig Control Error 40 Meters Only? #FT8


Just downloaded ver. 2.5.4 and testing showed that it works on 20, 15 meters etc. but not 40 meters? Rig is an Icom 7300 controlled by a Dell PC.

40 meter FT8 receive initially performs as expected but when the transmission tries to start, the rig switches to the transmit frequency, tries to initiate a signal but fails and shows the rig control error. The rig is then receiving on what I believe is the offset transmitting frequency. Why does this happen on 40 meters and not the other bands?

Is there a problem with the correct offset frequency that I'm not aware of? I apparently retained and earlier version of the program when I downloaded the new one. Tried the previous version with the same result. Hmmmmm!

Well, I'd appreciate any suggestions as to the cause and the solution!

Craig in Michigan

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