locked Re: Error in sound input #AudioIssues


I am also using a FTDX10 with Win 11, DXLabs logging, USB Signalink. I will get the same error when in an FT8 contact (I don;t remember any FT4 contact problems), while monitoring, and with my FTDX10 off, but computer and Signalink on and with all other devices turned off. In another group, it has been suggested RFI, mic input, and other problems. I have put ferrites on the cables to/from my antenna control (HyGain DCU-3), Signalink, and USB to/at my FDDX10. Still have the problem. When I get this error, my Codec mic/spkr are scrambled and can not find any Codec, even checking System>Sound>Volume Mixer. Last night, with only the computer and Signalink on and the problem greeted me this morning. Everything else was plugged in but not turned on. My next step will to be adding an UPS to most of my equipment in case there is a voltage fluctuation. Every now and then, I will see the Signalink light blink...............

When the error happens, I have to shutdown both WSJT and DXCommander (DXLabs rig control), re-start. Most of the time, it works. Other times, the whole computer is shutdown, not re-started.

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