locked Re: 60m on Ftdx10 ? #band #Yaesu

Gary Rogers

I have a separate configuration set up in wsjtx for 60M. I manually switch to 5.3585 memory channel on the FTDX10. In Wsjt-x in the radio tab, set rig to none and PTT to RTS. I also had to make a change in the FTDX10 menu I believe (I’m not near the radio) its SSB Mod Source to rear. This disables the front mic jack so you need to change it back if going back to phone. FYI this is on a MacBook Pro. I can email screen shots of my wsjtx settings if that’s helpful.

On Jul 3, 2022, at 5:28 AM, bruiser419 via groups.io <bruiser419@...> wrote:

I have tried a few times and can't figure out how to get my Ftdx10 to work on FT8 since the FTdx10 has special memory slots for 60m that don't seem to play nice with the program.

It;s not a huge deal as I almost never use 60m, but it would be nice to know how to just in case.

Thanks for your help.

73, Bruce KE8QFP

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