Locked Re: WSJT-X Help with 2.5.4 release #stopped_working

Reino Talarmo

Hi Larry,

I re-read your original mail and the error message you got was generates due to the second initiation attempt. The real reason why the 2.5.4 did not opened in first place is not clear to me. I need to admit that my computer knowledge is also quite limited, but I am learning a bit more now and then, hi!

By the way you can copy any wsjt-x error message simply going into the error windows and copy it using Ctrl+C, no painting is needed. Then you may add it into a Notepad or Mail text by Ctrl+V.

You could try to generate new instance of wsjt-x as presented in 16. Frequently Asked Questions second item:
Start WSJT-X from a command-prompt window, assigning each a unique identifier as in the following two-instance example. This procedure will isolate the Settings file and the writable file location for each instance of WSJT-X.

wsjtx --rig-name=Test

Then your should have a new AppData location "Test" for all wsjtx.ini etc. files. I have not tested myself, whether totally new wsjtx.ini file will be generated for the "test", but that file could be a reason. You may also try to delete it while not running the wsjt-x. You could make is sure by re-starting Windows before any attempt. I think that WSJT-X will generate a new wsjtx.ini, if there is none. There are also some other "wisdom" files that are computer specific that may be corrupted.

Hope this helps a bit. Otherwise you need a real computer and wsjt-x specialist.

73, Reino OH3mA

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