Locked Windows Edge Browser update caused decoding to stop #decode


I started up my Flex 6700, SSDR v2.7.6 , and WSJT-X as usual this morning. Just a few minutes after decoding started it suddenly stopped on all slices. Normally I have to restart DAX several times a day but never when I first start using the radio in the morning.

I stopped and restarted DAX and the decode started up again but would stop after just a minute or 2. This continued for a while so I checked to see if any windows updates took place that may be causing the issue. The only update that took place early this morning was for the Windows Edge browser which I never use. This app has no uninstall or rollback option available. It took a few minutes to find a way to get rid of Edge completely.

If you're having the same problems and you've gotten a recent update to Edge (check Control Panel>Programs and Features) then the Edge update is probably causing it.

Here's the link on how to completely remove the Edge browser from Windows 10 or 11. Be sure to have another browser set as the default browser before you remove Edge.I use Firefox as my default and I also have Chrome as well.


Since I removed Edge I've been decoding FT8 on 5 slices for over 9 hours without any issues.

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