locked Re: Error in sound input #AudioIssues

Ed Stratton

Lawton first thing make sure squelch is not involved.

Check the Preset settings as described in the manual on page 65. Also make
sure the mode is USB and Preset as described on the top of page 65.

Next check settings in wsjt both for radio and audio codecs. Next check
device manager on the pc to see if the downloaded device drivers are on the


On Sat, Jul 2, 2022 at 10:32 AM Lawton Eure <leure@...> wrote:

I am using a FTDX 10 and I have used FT8 with a FTDX 5000 for 3 years. In
trying to set up the DX 10, I am getting this message: Error in sound
input: An error opening the audio input device has occurred. Never seen
this before. Speakers to the PC are not working either. I have downloaded
new audio drivers from dell and checked speaker settings. Things seem
normal but no sound. I can change bands in WSJTX and the radio follows and
I can Test Cat successfully. I cannot tune and it is not decoding. Anyone
seen this or have suggestions. Thanks in advance.

73, Ed


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