locked Re: WSJT-X Help with 2.5.4 release #stopped_working

Reino Talarmo

After a period of about 1/2 an hour with no contacts in the log. I uninstalled 2.6.0.
When I clicked on it again, Windows says the application is running. hmm
Hi Larry

You have two questions. First why you did not get any QSOs using 2.6.0-rc1? What was wrong? You should tell more what else you found e.g. whether you really had output power or something else.

The second one is simple. You may have installed 2.5.4 while WSJT-X was running. So process JT9.exe was still running, when you tried run the 2.5.4. As Gary said you may restart Windows or you may try to kill the orphan FT9.exe process.

73, Reino OH3mA

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