locked WSJT-X Help with 2.5.4 release #stopped_working

Larry Bliss

Release 2.5.4 doesn't start now.

Background... I have close to 10,000 FT4/8 contacts after 2+ years with Windows 10.
So, I felt confident in upgrading to a newer release.I took a chance & loaded 2.6.0-RC1, which loaded with not problem.
After a period of about 1/2 an hour with no contacts in the log. I uninstalled 2.6.0.

My previous installation was not available, so I installed the 2.5.4 release.
2.5.4 loaded with no apparent problem, When I clicked on the icon to start WSJT-X , the icon moved a little, but failed to open the program.
When I clicked on it again, Windows says the application is running. hmm

My question is: What steps are needed to fix this?

Thanks & 73,
Larry Bliss - KK6MF

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