locked Re: FT-991a-Signalink-serial cable setup - Again #Yaesu

Brian Morrison

On Thu, 23 Jun 2022 19:21:54 -0600
"Richard ORourke" <rickorourke@...> wrote:

This is Fedora 36 and WSJTX 2.6.0 problem building from source.

A real bear to config but thanks for any help you can give me
If you can get set up for building from a .spec file using rpmbuild
and/or mock then it will be a lot easier. The .spec file contains all
the BuildRequires: and Requires: statements so you know which packages
you need to install.

All I need to do is to download the tarball, put it in the correct
directory with another file that comes with the previous wsjtx source
rpm and run rpmbuild after editing the version in the spec file.


Brian G8SEZ

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