locked Spectrum Display Vertical Scaling #mainscreen

Chuck Moore <wd4hxg@...>

I have been wanting to change the vertical scaling on the water fall part of the spectrum
display. Reading through the documentation, I can find info on changing the frequency
scaling on the horizontal axis. Have run into a stone wall on changing the height of the
vertical division scale.

Clicking on the lower edge of the spectrum display window and pulling it down until it stops
expands the vertical scale of the spectrum display presenting "Frequency vs Signal Amplitude",
but the water fall divisions remain the same height.

Regards WD4HXG

OS Version _____________ Windows 10
Build # _________________ 19044.1766
WSJT-X Version # _______ v2.6.0-rc1 6744bc
PC ___________________ Lenovo i5 Intel

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