Re: #EnhancementReqest - several contest related wants #EnhancementReqest

Dennis W1UE


1. You don’t have to wait for the transmission to end to click on that Tx
Enable button. Once it goes out just click on it again.
2. There is a key combination (Alt+N?) that does that. Check the Programs
Hot Key list. A Hot Key (not multiple key press) would be even better.
3. Since they haven’t programmed it yet, we don’t know how a contest mode
button would work. I would like it to be a toggle, click and you’re in
normal mode, next click it’s in contest mode, etc

Dennis W1UE

On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 13:32 Tyler Stewart via <k3mm=> wrote:

1) When in Contest mode calling CQ especially in FT4/SO2R, there is not
enough time to reset the TX Enable button. Is there a way this could be
changed to allow a "pending enable TX" so you could reset for the next
cycle before the previous QSO is finished?
2) Related to #1, would like an optional hot key to reset TX Enable.
3) I havent tried 2.6 yet, but would like to be able to switch in and
out of Contest mode with a button. Does this work the same as the Hound


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