Re: F/H #FoxAndHound

Reino Talarmo

I wonder whether it would be helpful if instead of remaining on the normal FT8 frequency for the band currently in use, selecting 'Hound' mode changed the Hound frequency to whatever seems to be most commonly used on that band for F/H operations.
It really Fox that defines the frequency and wsjt-x informs Fox operator:
Please choose another dial frequency. WSJT-X will not operate in Fox mode in the standard FT8 sub-bands.
So using WSJT-X there is no Fox using standard frequencies. A Hound transmission as such on any frequency is just waste of resources as no Fox will answer. There is no "standard" DXpedition frequencies, so Hound operator needs to set the proper frequency in any case.

Those transmission using Fox kind multifrequency transmissions are using a derivate program. If I have informed correctly even that program recommends other than standard sub-bands. So it is a failure of the operator, isn't it.

73, Reino OH3mA

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