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Dennis W1UE

GM Dennis

My recommendations are as follows:
1. I don’t use automatic logging. I found it missed some QSOs, and didn’t
provide enough operator feedback to ensure all the QSOs were logged.
2. That means the Log Prompt Window will pop up for every QSO, which is
fine. When it pops up, always click on “OK” if you want to log the QSO.
Don’t use the ENTER key.
3. There is an option on one of the setup screens to clear the DXCall and
grid box when you log the QSO. I would check that box.

Sequence would then be:
Rx an RR73
Log Prompt Window opens
Click on OK if you want to log QSO
DXCall box should be empty when Q is logged

Have fun at FD! I’m traveling, so this will be the first FD I’ve missed in
many a year.

Dennis W1UE

On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 07:27 Wb5kca <Wb5kca@...> wrote:

Guys forgive me if my question is a combination of programs ! I use
wsjtx with JT Alert and N3FJP for logging and everything is automated. I
make the contact and it logs !!! I am going to operate my (first) Field
Day on WSJTX, using our club call sign and have no clue on how to do a
proper operation. It is my understanding I have to manually log every
contact and the automated process will not work. I would just like to ask
if someone has operated FD and give me your suggestion using WSJTX..
Thanks in advance for your help.

Dennis. WR5DC

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