locked Re: Test CAT - Button stays white, no error messages #Cat_RigControl

Michael Black

To add some context to this he has a sound card speaker jacked plugged into a MIC jack.  So, very easy to overdrive things  (MIC input expecting -60 to -40dBu, line level -10dBu, and speaker level +4dBu).  This is a common reason that operators generate harmonics on rigs that have audio plugged into the mic jack.
The same sound card works fine on his other computer (which I believe is Windows).On the new laptop (Linuix with pulse audio) the signal shows 100Hz wide indicating that it is clipped.  The SignaLink will provide analog control of the audio level which should work on both of his systems.
Mike W9MDB

On Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 12:57:30 AM CDT, Mike Ward <woooe48mmex991@...> wrote:

Well, Mike Black, W9MDB, looked my system over today and recommended replacing the $10 external USB sound card with something more configurable such as a SignaLink.  The current sound adapter is over driving the MIC port on my KX3.  I appreciate the help from everyone and especially want to thank Mike for connecting to the system today and troubleshooting.

I'll call this request closed.  Thanks...

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