Locked Re: FT-991a-Signalink-serial cable setup - Again #Yaesu


Never said it was wrong, Tim.  Just not the optimal solution.  And, not sure what you meant by the Linux comment....I'm using Uubntu, Mint, Raspian, and Windoze.  All of these work well with the (free) and very nice FLdigi suite of programs and, specifically, the FT991a.  Winlink / Vara HF work great with the FT991a in CAT control as does PAT and others.

I think any of these devices that encourage folks to ham it up on the digital modes is a really good thing.  Hope to catch you on the air sometime.


On 6/21/22 16:19, Tim Dawson wrote:
But then again, if it works, it's not wrong . . . and not every mfg. supports advanced platforms like Linux . . .

On June 21, 2022 3:13:14 PM CDT, Keith <geek4096@...> wrote:
For what it's worth, I agree. Using a SignaLink to use an FT991A is like
driving a Tesla a la Fred Flintstone.

If you're having issues sorting out multiple sound cards, suggest Pulse
Audio Volume Control to solve the problem...

I did have an issue with RF on the USB line between the computer and the
rig, but a USB optoisolator solved the problem.

Full CAT control makes operating so much more interesting...Flrig controls
the radio and wsjt-x, fldigi, and qsstv all talk to flrig, concurrently.

On Tue, Jun 21, 2022, 8:24 AM Ronnie Hull <w5sum@...> wrote:

I didn’t use any interface at all with my 991A!! Just a usb cable! Worked
great using wsjt-x
On Jun 21, 2022, at 6:04 AM, Panos <sv1grn@...> wrote:

Hi, Signalink works with its own usb cable. Try to disconnect cat and
work only with Signalink (vox ptt). If problem insist compare the settings
of your 991 with another working with wsjt-x already 991, maybe this helps

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