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Tim Dawson

Unless I am mixing messages in my head, the Hamlib error looked like you were using split? If so, is the *second* VFO also set for USB? If not, you may be transmitting LSB, or ??? which will not be heard. As a test (and if you are running split), try setting split to "None" and retest . . . that way, if you are decoding, you know that the mode is set correctly, and can work the issue from there.

On June 21, 2022 12:33:49 PM CDT, William Smith <w_smith@...> wrote:
Hmm, lots of info here, not sure how much I can help, but a few observations:

On Jun 21, 2022, at 12:08 PM, Mike Ward <woooe48mmex991@...> wrote:

On 6/19/22 04:55, William Smith wrote:
On Jun 18, 2022, at 3:26 PM, Mike Ward <woooe48mmex991@...> wrote:

WSJT-X (running on Linux) running with my KX3 receives and decodes FT8 fine but no transmissions ever show up on PSKREPORTER. WSJT-X can change bands and follows the frequency if I manually change it. When transmitting I see my radio's TX light come on and the RF indicator shows that it's transmitting.
So your "RF indicator" shows you are putting out power? How much, compared to the rating of your rig?
I have set my Elecraft KX3 to output 10 watts. The SWR shown on the radio is about 1.1 - 1
and the RF indicator shows 10 so I believe I'm transmitting the 10 watts on 14.074 MHz
Sounds like it, so (and if your ALC is set as below, it sounds like you are doing the right thing there.

I held a small SW transistor radio tuned for it's 19M band next to coax feeding the antenna and I
hear static until tWSJT-X transmits and then I hear complete silence.
Unless your small SW transistor radi is receiving USB at exactly 14.074 MHz, you may not hear anything, so I suspect that's a red herring.

I'd upgrade hamlib as per Mike W9MDB's instructions and see if that helps.

I don't have an equalizer app installed on the new laptop but I could install one just to confirm that the audio is flat.
I don't know if Linux is as helpful as Windows by adding equalization and echo cancellation, but you should be able to determine if that's the case.

When WSJT-X transmits I see the output device volume control fluctuate so I think sound out is set correctly.
Wait, what's flucuating? Everything should be constant output, constant power, single tone from the 8 available, etc. If you can hear it, it's a distrinctive warble, look online for sample sounds.

73, Willie N1JBJ

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