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Mike Ward

William Smith and Dave Garber,

Thanks to both of you for your help. I usually can solve most technical issues since it's what I did for a living over 35 years but this has me stumped.

Here are answers to questions: THANKS FOR ANY HELP OR IDEAS!

Mike Ward, KE0KAC

On 6/19/22 04:55, William Smith wrote:
On Jun 18, 2022, at 3:26 PM, Mike Ward <woooe48mmex991@...> wrote:

WSJT-X (running on Linux) running with my KX3 receives and decodes FT8 fine but no transmissions ever show up on PSKREPORTER. WSJT-X can change bands and follows the frequency if I manually change it. When transmitting I see my radio's TX light come on and the RF indicator shows that it's transmitting.
So your "RF indicator" shows you are putting out power? How much, compared to the rating of your rig?
I have set my Elecraft KX3 to output 10 watts. The SWR shown on the radio is about 1.1 - 1
and the RF indicator shows 10 so I believe I'm transmitting the 10 watts on 14.074 MHz.
I held a small SW transistor radio tuned for it's 19M band next to coax feeding the antenna and I
hear static until tWSJT-X transmits and then I hear complete silence. Seems like it's transmitting...
15 watts is the highest I can go but that too doesn't seem to work either.
To troubleshoot I ran Test CAT but the button never changes to green or red, I don't see an error message but the Test PTT button then becomes enabled.
I've seen that in older versions of WSJT-x, what version are you running?
I'm running WSJT-X version 2.5.4 which I recently installed on the failing laptop.
I also a recently installed HAMlib
The rigctl -V command returns "rigctl Hamlib 4.4 Thu Dec 02 23:46:51 2021 +0000 SHA=5f8c4c"
Interestingly, the rigctl -V command on the working Linux Mint 19.3 laptop shows "rigctl not found"
That older laptop has fldigi v4.0.1 and flrig v1.3.26 installed.
Is it possible that WSJT-X is using flrig to control my radio on the older laptop?
If I click the Test PTT button, it turns red as I would expect. I plugged some earbuds into the serial line feeding the microphone and I hear a carrier tone and what sounds like the digital transmission during the transmit phase. The radio and external USB adapter works great with WSJT-X running on an older system.
You need to give us a few more hints, like computer, radio, adapters and interconnects, settings, etc.
I am running Linux Mint 20.3 on a Lenovo P53 workstation laptop with an i7 CPU.
The Elecraft KX3 connects via two 2.5mm sound cables out of an external Sabrent USB sound adapter.
The Sabrent adapter connects toa USB hub that is connected to the failing laptop.
The USB to Serial cable connecting the hub to the radio is one supplied by Elecraft.
The Sabrent adapter, cables, and Radio work fine on the older laptop.
I only disconnect the USB-Serial from the working laptop and connect it to the failing laptop. Nothing else changes.
Does the Test CAT feature require that the audio output is properly configured? Any ideas?
No, CAT test will work without audio, and PTT test will not generate any audio, so there will be no output power. The 'TUNE' button should generate audio, so you get some output power.
I do see RF output on the radio's meter when I run the tune function.
Ideas are hard without more details. Your time must be close enough to http://time.is <http://time.is/> if you are decoding. Can't imagine your receiver is in USB and your transmitter is in LSB, so that's probably right. If you have everything hooked up right (and if it works with another computer, then that's likely) then it's probably levels, or your computer (Windows?) has 'audio processing' (usually echo cancellation, but could be anything) turned on, which plays havoc with digital signals. Modern Windows machines apparently need 'permissions' set rght to allow use of the 'microphone', which is your transmit audio. Dunno, just guessing, brainstorming, shotgunning without more details.
I have the radio set to Data A mode which is USB which disables compression and RX/TX EQ.
I do sync time. http://time.is states that the time is exact on the failing laptop.
I don't have an equalizer app installed on the new laptop but I could install one just to confirm that the audio is flat.
73, Willie N1JBJ
Is the usb adapter controlling a sound card interface or just to a cat
control. It sounds you have not selected a correct sound in and output
for the new install

sent by ve3wej on lg phone

I'm fairly sure I've selected the correct sound in and out devices.
WSJT-X decodes many streams of FT8 transmissions so I think sound in is set correctly.
When WSJT-X transmits I see the output device volume control fluctuate so I think sound out is set correctly.

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