Locked Re: Test CAT remains white, Test PTT lights up red #Cat_RigControl

William Smith

Ah, there are some of the details, but please don't spread your problem over multiple threads.

On Jun 18, 2022, at 4:14 PM, Mike Ward <woooe48mmex991@...> wrote:

I've moved an external USB adapter from my Linux Mint 19.3 laptop to my Linux 20.3. WSJTX works fine on the 19.3 laptop but on the 20.3 laptop my Elecraft KX3 doesn't appear to be transmitting even though the radio's TX light comes on and I see the RF indicator and the ALC indicator bounces between 4 and 5 bars. At least some RIG control is working because WSJTX can change bands on the radio and it also properly tracks the frequency if I manually change it.
Ignore what I said about WIndows audio permissions and check Linux audio permissions. Also check for gain controls on your audio system.

Within settings Test CAT neither turns the button red or green but the Test PTT button then turns red. If I click on Test PTT, that button turns red as I would expect. I'm not sure if I have a Rig Control problem or if I might have an audio output problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...

Mike Ward, KE0KAC
Still need more details, version numbers, etc. There are new releases of hamlib coming out frequently, make sure you are up to date there.

73, Willie N1JBJ

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