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William Smith <w_smith@...>

On Jun 18, 2022, at 3:26 PM, Mike Ward <woooe48mmex991@...> wrote:

WSJT-X (running on Linux) running with my KX3 receives and decodes FT8 fine but no transmissions ever show up on PSKREPORTER. WSJT-X can change bands and follows the frequency if I manually change it. When transmitting I see my radio's TX light come on and the RF indicator shows that it's transmitting.
So your "RF indicator" shows you are putting out power? How much, compared to the rating of your rig?

To troubleshoot I ran Test CAT but the button never changes to green or red, I don't see an error message but the Test PTT button then becomes enabled.
I've seen that in older versions of WSJT-x, what version are you running?

If I click the Test PTT button, it turns red as I would expect. I plugged some earbuds into the serial line feeding the microphone and I hear a carrier tone and what sounds like the digital transmission during the transmit phase. The radio and external USB adapter works great with WSJT-X running on an older system.
You need to give us a few more hints, like computer, radio, adapters and interconnects, settings, etc.

Does the Test CAT feature require that the audio output is properly configured? Any ideas?
No, CAT test will work without audio, and PTT test will not generate any audio, so there will be no output power. The 'TUNE' button should generate audio, so you get some output power.

Ideas are hard without more details. Your time must be close enough to http://time.is <http://time.is/> if you are decoding. Can't imagine your receiver is in USB and your transmitter is in LSB, so that's probably right. If you have everything hooked up right (and if it works with another computer, then that's likely) then it's probably levels, or your computer (Windows?) has 'audio processing' (usually echo cancellation, but could be anything) turned on, which plays havoc with digital signals. Modern Windows machines apparently need 'permissions' set rght to allow use of the 'microphone', which is your transmit audio. Dunno, just guessing, brainstorming, shotgunning without more details.

73, Willie N1JBJ

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