Locked Test CAT - Button stays white, no error messages #Cat_RigControl

Mike Ward

WSJT-X (running on Linux) running with my KX3 receives and decodes FT8 fine but no transmissions ever show up on PSKREPORTER. WSJT-X can change bands and follows the frequency if I manually change it. When transmitting I see my radio's TX light come on and the RF indicator shows that it's transmitting. To troubleshoot I ran Test CAT but the button never changes to green or red, I don't see an error message but the Test PTT button then becomes enabled. If I click the Test PTT button, it turns red as I would expect. I plugged some earbuds into the serial line feeding the microphone and I hear a carrier tone and what sounds like the digital transmission during the transmit phase. The radio and external USB adapter works great with WSJT-X running on an older system.

Does the Test CAT feature require that the audio output is properly configured? Any ideas?

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