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Mike Black

I would like to add that I see LOTS of operators doing "blind calling" where it's quite obvious they are NOT decoding the DXpedition.
Please do not do this....if you aren't decoding them then they can't answer you.  It's quite possible they may hear you and you will cause the Fox to occupy one slot trying to answer you when you cannot hear them.
The other problem associated with this is the # of slots being used by the Fox.  If you see just one decode that means they are using 1 slot,  two decodes from them is 2 slots and will the 6dB less signal.  The more slots the less  the signal strength.So, for example, if you decode them at -19dB in one slot but then they switch to 2 slots answering you won't hear them again until they go back to 1 slot.
I think the Fox mode needs to look at the signal report they get from the Hound and based on current# of slots potentially reduce  the # of slots next period to try and clear out the ones that need the extra signal strength.
Whatever happened to the idea of a new Fox mode without the power loss?  I realize that likely won't be backwards compatible though.
Mike W9MDB

On Saturday, June 18, 2022, 08:10:33 AM CDT, Uwe, DG2YCB <dg2ycb@...> wrote:

Hi JP,

- Correct the handling of messages starting with "CQ xxxx ..."
Especially three-digit directional calls (CQ USA, CQ CAN, etc.) could sometimes not be answered correctly. Auto Seq stopped or went crazy. This was corrected. But we had to make sure that the frequency change function still works (e.g. CQ 912).

- Correct the auto-sequencing logic in several specific circumstances
Search the wsjt-devel forum. A couple of months ago, there was a couple of reports that Auto Seq stopped under certain circumstances. We have therefore made the Auto Seq Logig more robust.

PLEASE ! Change the Fox/Hound watchdog!
I ask for your understanding that we handle this point restrictively. It would not benefit any of us if we allowed rare Fox stations to be called for a very long time. Maybe have breakfast, lunch or dinner in between and hope that WSJT-X will fetch a "new one" for you. No, we must prevent such a thing!

But I'll give you a hint: On my wsjt-x_improved versions, I have the Hound watchdog set a bit higher. Feel free to use them.

Note: wsjt-x_improved is an enhanced version of WSJT-X. It has the same source code core, but offers some more features and improvements. Some of them have now put also into our official WSJT-X v2.6.0. Nevertheless, only wsjt-x_improved still has (and will have) all the extra features. But it is very easy to switch from one to the other. There are also two versions available with a slightly different GUI (“widescreen” and “AL”). Find this project on Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/wsjt-x-improved/. Go to the Files tab so see the available versions.

73 de Uwe, DG2YCB

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