Locked Re: NTP Delayed Startup Sync when computer is turned on #Timesync

Thomas, SM0KBD

In the normal ntp-client, there is a directive called iburst that
handles exactly the startup problem you have. I checked the Meinberg
documentation and it is mentioned there. Unfortunately I am on Linux so
I can't check exactly where this is to be found on a Windows
installation. Hopefully someone with some more knowledge than I have can
figure out how to add it.

/Thomas, SM0KBD

Den 2022-06-18 kl. 05:03, skrev Williams, G (af8c) via groups.io:

I have the same problem.  Solution:  (for Meinberg NTP)

Go to your ...\NTP\bin folder, and find the "restartntp.bat" file and
create a named desktop icon to run it.  Move the desktop shortcut out
of the way of any FT8 or logging software windows. After booting up,
run that BAT file, using "Run as Administrator" (if you are not
administrator) using right mouse button click on the shortcut icon. 
It will take (in my PC anyway) 10 seconds to finish.  It will tell you
if restart was successful. Then start your WSJT-X app.

--73, Glenn, AF8C

On 6/17/2022 10:01 PM, Mark W2OR via groups.io wrote:
My NTP works great all of the time and the Offset (seen in Quick NTP
Status) is always well below 5.00.  Great.  The one oddity is when
the computer is turned on from a cold start in the mornings, where it
takes NTP several minutes before it will start a sync.  Some times
it's only a three minute wait.  Most of the time it takes six to ten
minutes.  When it does sync, the large Offset differential does not
gradually change at all, but rather, all three service providers
suddenly drop down to a very low, acceptable Offset number.  Questions:

Does anyone else experience this?
Is there a permanent 'fix' for this, something that's easy to do for
us non-computer junkies?
My quick fix each morning is to go to Services (Task Manager) and
simply reset (Right Click)  NTP, whereupon it syncs immediately and
all's well.
Thomas, SM0KBD
Email: sm0kbd@...

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