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JTAlert Support (VK3AMA)

On 18/06/2022 17:47, Uwe, DG2YCB wrote:
The mode buttons shall basically look as compact as possible, because there are always complaints from users that our program window is too wide. Now that many people have 4K monitors, the problem is sometimes the other way around. The users choose large fonts, and then the dimensions of the buttons no longer fit. This is hard to solve, because Qt sets tight limits here (and sometimes just doesn't work as it should).
I don't see how QT limits are the cause of the mode selection buttons being of insufficient width and cropping the button text. That IMO is a design decision. None of the other buttons on the UI suffer from this problem. There is enough vertical white-space (padding) above and below the button text, just not enough horizontally. Stretching the window horizontally I can see a small increase in button width but not enough to fully reveal the button text.

I don't' see how having a 4K monitor or system-wide font scaling is the cause when none of the other controls are affected. Yes, I have a high DPI 4K monitor with font scaling set at 150%. If that was the cause, then I would expect other controls to be similarly affected.

I have previously posted images of the affect, but each time the images were scaled so small that the affect could not be easily seen (is this a group or moderator action?).

de Laurie VK3AMA

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