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Hmm… *slightly* expands is correct. On my screen (a 27” 5k monitor), they expand *maybe* 1 mm and that’s being generous. It’s really not enough to make a difference.

As stated previously, I have gone between Calibri and Arial from about 8 to 10 size fonts. Any smaller than 10 is really too small for me but even at size 8, the buttons are not big enough. I thought I’d post a screen shot as an attachment but the group apparently doesn’t allow attachments. I started going through the list of fonts this morning and realized that would take an inordinate amount of time.

Playing around with it this morning, if I go from Calibri 10 to Consolas 10, the bottom of the decode window moves up and down as I change fonts.

I also notice a left / right movement of the lower left quadrant of the main window during the short period between decodes when there is no audio registering on the receive meter. Although this is only in the lower left quadrant, it acts as if it “pulls” the left side of the lower right quadrant (where the pre-packaged messages are shown).

So, between font changes, there is an up / down movement of the decode window and during the very short period when WSJT-X is registering no receive audio, there is a left / right movement of the lower left quadrant of the main window.

I don’t know if any of that helps but I appreciate the reply.

Joel - W4JBB

On Jun 18, 2022, at 02:47, Uwe, DG2YCB <DG2YCB@...> wrote:

Hi Joel,

Width of the mode buttons slightly expand when you expand the width of the main program window. See if that works for you.

What font size do you use? Because I have built-in an automatic switch. It is currently set to 12 pt. For font size >= 12 pt, width of the buttons is bigger. Perhaps I should reduce it to 11 or even 10?

The mode buttons shall basically look as compact as possible, because there are always complaints from users that our program window is too wide. Now that many people have 4K monitors, the problem is sometimes the other way around. The users choose large fonts, and then the dimensions of the buttons no longer fit. This is hard to solve, because Qt sets tight limits here (and sometimes just doesn't work as it should).

73 de Uwe, DG2YCB

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