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Reino Talarmo

If additional buttons are to be added, Contest Mode should be a priority. Lot of quick switching between normal and CM
It would be better if WSJT could switch automatically to contest mode and back again. That is WSJT should always send the >exchange wanted by the other QSO partner and then after the QSO go back to the mode you you prefer. As WSJT can display a >window "Change to xx contestmode" it might as well just switch to that contestmode.
Hi Palle,
There is no bits for a contest "name" in the messages as such and contest specific messages a recognized only by the message construction as some stage of the QSO message exchange. Some of those are very specific e.g. EU VHF contest, but some others have exactly the same message structure. So to find a specific contest by the message is not fool proof.

The second issue is that a non-contester may not want to participate to the contest at all and the contester will assume his participation and will lose points or at least get a NIL.

There can be ongoing various contests at the same time and the automatic "participation" to all of those will disturb contest database.

My vote to the automatic switch to contest mode is NO.

A button for a contester to switch to normal mode and back gets my YES.

73, Reino OH3mA

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