locked Re: Release Candidate WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc1 #general

JP Tucson, AZ

Hi Joe & wsjtx team,


Could you folks please elaborate on the following...

- Correct the handling of messages starting with "CQ xxxx ..."

What was 'wrong' with it, how is supposed to work now?

- Correct a flaw that could cause Windows to drop audio samples

Thanks, I've been noticing this more recently! Haven't changed computer stuff, or radio setup, and couldn't figure out why I appeared to have no-decodes (clock is gps), etc. Hopefully, these issues will go away for good.

- Correct the auto-sequencing logic in several specific circumstances

What exactly did you correct; i.e. what symptoms? What specific circumstances... so that we can look and make sure on our end it is corrected.
(I have long suspected & known that there were several 'bugs' in the auto sequence.

I don't know if you have touched this: but I will make this suggestion.

PLEASE ! Change the Fox/Hound watchdog! Meaning - please give us an actual countdown to when it is going to shut off our transmitter! That the FH watchdog is not even the same time as the std watchdog is confusing... further, the FH watchdog tends to shut off at the most inopportune times! Like during a QSO (the other station will reply, but your computer won't respond - - - in other words, the program needs to DETECT that the other station has called and automatically turn the TX BACK ON please! )

Next: Please make a section for SOTA/POTA/IOTA... heck, all the '....OTA/s... haha
Also for the State QSO parties.

Mean allow for the extended exchanges.

I have thought about this, understand that each line is limited by bits, etc.

My proposed solution is to create a 'special op mode' where you add a TX7 line where a person can STORE the SOTA/POTA number and the auto-sequencer in that mode will jump from Tx5 (..73), to TX 7 and list the stored #.

Further, this scheme could also work for QSO parties by allowing them to add/store their State/County....

Ultimately, this could carry forth to a TX8, 9 and 10 for short emergency messages and other such long exchanges. Hopefully to the point where even the Winter Field Day folks get on board with FT8.

Thank you

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